It all starts with pictures, once we have pictures we can build a site and once we build a site we can market it…. and Google will help!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a vacation property that you are trying to rent or a small business that is looking for customers, it’s the same thing and in today’s day and age it’s really not difficult. Digital pictures are not expensive, websites are not expensive and marketing is really not that difficult. Understanding how it all works is the key.

It all starts with really good pictures, if you can’t take them yourself… hire someone ! Pictures (video doesn’t hurt either) are the essence of todays marketing. Media rules. It really wasn’t all that long ago when a small business simply had no choice but to first hire several professionals to put forth any kind of meaningful marketing effort and for many businesses the only reliable form of advertising was yellow pages and/or newspapers at the cost of often thousands of dollars each and every month ! Lets not forget the cost of employees to answer the phone and explain things that are today done with multi media.

Today, you need pictures, you need a website and you need to market that website. Pictures are a one time fee, websites are relatively inexpensive and marketing can either cost a lot or it can cost very little if one knows how to take advantage of modern SEO techniques and plain smart marketing.

Once you have a website, in this writers eyes, you need to get familiar with the google gods… here is how it works. Google pretty much owns search (about %65 of search = google search) in fact even the other search engines use google search ! Google also owns Google maps which is very quickly become a form of search in of itself, particularly for the younger crowd that speaks their search into their phone. Then we have Google + (formerly Google local) which is completely integrated with Google  maps and yes even Google search. Many people are using youtube as a form of search (also owned by Google) In other words if you as a small business or a vacation property owner, it would be of great benefit to be familiar with all forms of Google.

Here’s an example of how Google can tie a marketing effort together…

First we search for a Vacation rental property in Whistler BC Canada-